Probably the best way to understand our beliefs as a congregation is to look at our logo.


up-smThe UP arrow focuses on our relationship with Jesus, the primary reason that we exist as a church. Because of Jesus’ daring rescue mission of coming to this earth, giving His life for us on the cross, and being raised from the dead, we can have confidence that God loves us unconditionally and is crazy about us. Can you imagine sacrificing your own child so that the lives of others would be better? We can’t, but that’s the kind of love that God the Father has for you. Knowing this, we seek to Grow UP in Christ and this good news of all that God has done on our behalf.


in-smThe IN arrow reminds us of the importance of INtentional Community. In our world today, it’s hard to find true community. Old TV shows like Cheers and Friends struck such a chord years ago because they showed the important of community outside of blood relatives. In our connected world today, we know a lot of information about a lot of people through Facebook and texting, but there’s something special that happens when people spend face to face time together. As a church, we recognize the importance of having those types of relationships that are harder to come by these days.


out-smThe OUT arrow recalibrates our thinking beyond ourselves and into the lives of others. Like your favorite hike on Tam or restaurant in The City, it’s easy to keep something you enjoy to yourself so that it doesn’t change too much. We realize as a church we exist to serve and meet the needs of the community, so we’re looking to be a positive influence beyond our campus. We share the good news about God’s Love with those we come into contact with, grateful for all that God has done for us.