Worship: One Service @ 10am sunday morning


10:00am Worship Service

At 10:00am we offer a mix of traditional and modern music selections with liturgical style of worship. While the form is traditional, the accompaniment is often anything but, often using a lively ensemble of musicians, instruments and a variety of settings.

We also provide a live stream of our worship service via our YouTube channel on Sunday mornings! You will find the content in the “Sunday Morning Streams” playlist.



Our worship service is family friendly and welcome even the most youngest of participants! We have a special “Children’s Message” time for our young ones. After which these children are invited to attend “Children’s Church” that takes place in the Red Door room across the patio. We enjoy interactive activities and Bible stories.


We also have special mid-week service (Wednesdays at 7pm) before we celebrate big events in the life of Jesus, specifically his birth and his resurrection.  Advent is a Spring Training like time of preparation for Christmas.   We feel like it’s important to gather in the middle of the week during this crazy-busy time of the year to center ourselves on what’s most important.

Lent is the time before Easter when we focus on all that Jesus has done for us, specifically how self-sacrificial he was (understatement of this website…he died for us!).   Mid-week Lenten services help us focus on that last week of Jesus’ life.  25% of the biographies of Jesus’ life focus on this week, so we think it’s a good idea to have a special services that help us remember all that Jesus has done for us.

Of course we gather at other important times of tchristmas-evehe year as well, with worship on Thanksgiving Day, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to name a few.