Students 6th-12th Grade

TNT After School Club (grades 6-8)

Our goal with this after school program is to provide a relaxed, safe, supportive and dynamic neighborhood setting for students in grades 6-8 (middle school) once their school day ends. Through the offered activities, cooperative projects and independent exploration we will create a great place to hang out and have fun! We meet every Tuesday & Thursday! On Tuesday we begin at 3:20pm and end at 5:00pm. On Thursday we begin at 2:02pm and also ending at 5:00pm. Snacks and drinks provided! All are welcome!

Check out the TNT Club page for even more details!

TNT Club 2021-2022 Poster
TNT Club 2021-2022 Schedule

H2H Youth Group (grades 6-8)

Every week our junior high students meet to hang out and have a great time with dinner, games and music. This happens every Tuesday night from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Our time together also allows us to dive into a variety of topics about the Christian faith. Dinner for our group is always provided at no cost!

Sr. High Youth Group (grades 9-12)

Trinity also hosts a group for students in high school. This group meets every month to participate in community service and learning. Each project is unique and engaging for this age group. Times and dates are fluid as each project presents a unique opportunity in the community. Feel free to keep in touch with Dave for all the details!

Jr. High Youth Gathering

Every summer our junior high group gathers together for a summer retreat! Each year offers something new and even more exciting than the last.

High School Youth Gathering

A fairly new addition to our high school youth activities is a summer youth gathering. We look forward to getting involved with this great event.