TNT After School Club

Welcome to the 2021-2022 academic year! Here is an update for our TNT After School Club program at Trinity. We are very excited to start meeting again in person post-pandemic! Our health and safety policies will always reflect what is outlined via the California Department of Public Health. (Currently, face coverings required while indoors)
Starting on Thursday, August 19th (2021) we plan to begin our TNT Club! Our club will continue to meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ Trinity directly after school… Tuesdays from 3:20pm to 5:00pm and Thursdays from 2:02pm to 5:00pm (see schedule link below for details). TNT Club is designed for students in Middle School (6th to 8th grade). Our goal with this program is to provide a relaxed, safe, supportive and dynamic neighborhood setting for the students once their school day ends. Through the offered activities, cooperative projects and independent exploration we will create a great place to hang out and have fun! We serve light snacks for everyone to enjoy. A “Chill Time” is encouraged for the first hour to allow students to complete homework, read and socialize.
Our theme this year will be “Living is Loving”. The idea is that by loving others in acts of service, we will truly experience life in its fullest! That means we will find lots of Community Service opportunities for the students! As the year goes on we will also engage in seasonal service projects relating to the various holiday celebrations and much more!
The following is our weekly schedule for the 2021-22 school year (these times reflect Davidson dismissal):
TUESDAYS ~ 3:20pm to 5:00pm
THURSDAYS ~ 2:02pm to 5:00pm
(any cancelations will be communicated via email… so be sure I have your most recent contact information to!)
TNT Club 2021-2022 Poster
TNT Club 2021-2022 Schedule
TNT Club 2021-2022 Code of Conduct
TNT Club is hosted at Trinity (333 Woodland Avenue, San Rafael)… just down the street from Davidson Middle School. We have great indoor and outdoor space for all of our activities and events. Also on our campus is Trinity Preschool & Kindergarten with all of it’s wonderful teachers and students!
Here are more in depth details for this TNT Club 2021-22:
We encourage TNT Club students to refrain from using foul language while on campus. We also host preschool and kindergarten students and families on our campus. I know it is a “big ask” for TNT Club students but I am glad to see they acknowledge the situation and are doing their best to comply.
Families ask me what it takes to officially sign up for TNT Club. Along with your contact information (email and cell phone), please also complete out “Code of Conduct” for TNT Club. These guidelines enable us to provide a welcoming, safe and fun space for all involved! Please take the time to review this with your student before they participate. I promise you it is time well spent!
I wanted to encourage students to bring their own water bottles to club as this should help us reduce accidental sharing of water cups as much as possible. But water and cups will still be available whenever needed.
Although we do not bill families to participate in TNT Club, we do ask for each family to donate only $20 per month. This helps us cover some of the cost of snacks and food supplies we need for each student. Families who are unable to make a donation will never be turned away! Consider setting the predicable pattern of having your student bring a $20 donation on the first Tuesday of each month. We also have the option to donate securely online! You are welcome to consider a one time donation of at least $180 which would cover the 9 months of the school year that we meet together. Thanks in advance for your support! (Donation receipts are available upon request).
Our health and safety practices follow what is outlined via the California Department of Public Health. As I write this email students 12 years and older are receiving the COVID vaccine. Currently, face coverings are required indoors at TNT Club regardless of vaccine status (following county school regulations). All of our adult leaders and staff on campus have been vaccinated. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy many of our activities outdoors. Face coverings are also encouraged during our outdoor activities. Hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing is encouraged and we have the necessary facilities to provide that.
Something to be aware of when we have our off campus events on some Thursdays (see attached schedule). We usually plan to depart for these off campus events 30-40 minutes after TNT Club begins. I hope this would allow all students planning to attend that day time to arrive before we leave. If a student arrives while we are off campus please know they are not allowed to remain on campus while we are away because we are without supervision on campus. It would be fine if they wait on the city sidewalk near the lower parking until we return. Students are also welcome to arrive late to club and you might consider that if they miss our off campus events.
Once a student arrives and checks in for the day I do not allow students to leave and return unless accompanied by family member or trusted adult. For example, if a student needs to attend a medical appointment or other activity, they are welcome to return to club only if they are with said family member or trusted adult.
Speaking of checking in… we need students to remember to check themselves in when they arrive. They also need to remember to check themselves out when they leave for the day. Please help your student remember this very important step. This allows us to know when exactly they arrive and leave and who attends on any of our meeting days. As you know, this is very important information for us to have these days.
Also note, TNT Club is very flexible and fluid with student attendance. If your student only attends one day out of the two, that is totally fine. Please also consider the club a great place to hang out before they need to leave for after school sporting events or other activities. Students are also welcome to arrive late and attend the later part of any day if that works best for your schedule as well.
As you can see, we have some amazing opportunities! While we do our best to participate in all the listed activities and events, some minor adjustments may need to happen throughout the school year. We have great adult leaders that are a part of TNT Club. I am thankful for our returning leaders! Peter Bauer has led many scouting groups in Marin for years. Joining us again this year is Peggy Jacobson who has many years of experience designing and leading summer camps for students. Last but not least, Anthony Stott has led TNT Club in the past with us and we are happy he has joined us again this year!
Our unique “off campus driving events” are opportunities for us to gather together in our community to learn, serve and have fun together! I will need to ask for help in driving the students to these events. Please let me know if you are able to help transport a carload of students to these destinations. You will also need to be a fully licensed and insured driver. Thanks in advance! Just a heads up, most of our off campus/unique events will take place on Thursdays since we have a bit more time together. Please plan accordingly!
Together, our goal with this after school program is to provide a relaxed, safe, supportive and dynamic neighborhood setting for students in grades 6-8 (middle school) once their school day ends. Through the offered activities, cooperative projects and independent exploration we will create a great place to hang out and have fun! Our community endeavors will help students look beyond themselves through these acts of service and learning. It is truly a unique opportunity for students in Marin!
On Tuesdays after TNT Club is officially over at 5:00pm, students are welcome to stay until 7:00pm and participate in our middle school youth group we call “Head to the Heart” (H2H). This is an opportunity for students to explore Biblical stories and concepts in a very fun and relaxed atmosphere. All are welcome no matter your world view or experience with religion. I make sure students know they are heard, seen and their perspective and questions are always welcome in this place. We begin with dinner provided without cost at 5:00pm (when TNT Club ends). We enjoy our meal followed by games and activities that revolve around our evening theme. This usually is a smaller group which allows us a more intimate way to share and discuss together. I consider it to be a very special opportunity for students to open up and share with trusted adults and their peers in a safe and loving place.
I have been working at Trinity since 2002 designing and leading programs for students, youth and families. Our other adult leaders include Peter Bauer, Peggy Jacobson and Myrna Giannoulis. Peter has been a Scout Master for Boy Scouts of America in Marin for several years. Peggy brings along many years leading students in summer camps and outdoor nature programs in the Bay Area. Myrna has years of experience providing community support in Marin and the Bay Area. Their experience and wisdom with young people will be a tremendous asset in TNT Club this year!
I encourage you to share this information with friends and family in our community. All are welcome here! If you have any questions or need more information please let me know.
~ Dave Levy / 415.233.2695
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