I just had the chance to visit a dear member of our congregation named Peggy in her home. She can’t get out as much as she’d like, so I loved biking to her home Greenbrae and visiting with her for a while. She has some amazing stories to share and I often end up listening much more than talking. I also had the opportunity to serve her communion and share a little from God’s Word with her.

She was talking about something else when this gem of a line came out: “As women age, you can become an old woman or a wise lady. I’m a wise lady.” Isn’t that just awesome?!?

She went on to share that many friends of hers as they’ve aged have been bitter and turned into “old women”. She has had many problems, but tries to learn from them along the way and pass the wisdom onto others in a humble way. I always leave her house refreshed and encouraged, even though in theory I’m supposed to be the one refreshing and encouraging her.

So what about you? As I rode home, I thought about the ways that I’m becoming grumpier about some things unnecessarily. My wife Nikki has a spirit of adventure, while I can easily complain when things don’t go my way. I’m grateful to be married to a wise lady. I’m giving more thought to what I can do to be sure she isn’t married to a grumpy old man.