A Year with Jesus—Days 80-85—Confession Time from Pastor Matt

A Year with Jesus—Days 80-85—Confession Time from Pastor Matt

Hey all–

Lots of excuses I could make about the lack of blogs posts, but since we’ve been reading about confession these last weeks, I’ll simple apologize.  I know that many are keeping up with the readings, even if I haven’t been digitally encouraging you on.

These last weeks we’ve looked at the benefits of confession.   We talked about the value of it in worship on Sunday.   I’ve been privileged to meet already with one of you about hurt and pain you’ve experienced from your past that has resurfaced in the present.  I hope to connect with others soon.

There’s something incredibly powerful that happens when we confess our sins to another person.  I was talking with another leader recently about their struggles with pornography.  It was awesome to have them open up, confess their struggles, and be willing to be accountable to me with this.  They are now much freer than they were two months ago.

I remember a conference that my wife Nikki and I went to in 2006 in Denver.  We had the opportunity to walk with people who helped us to confess past sin and hurt and pain.  I can look back at that tough and painful time and realize it what a gift it was.    I am free from the garbage that was weighing me down from my past and influencing who I was in the present.

What a great God we worship…who gives us a hope and a future.  Thank you Lord, for the gift of confession!