After 25 days of introductory material, today marks the beginning of our actual engagement with the spiritual disciplines.   We’ve learned in the 25 day overview that God is with us, as we’ve seen each day.   Now we begin to dig a little deeper and explore those ways we can be more aware of his presence.

Today’s section begins with prayer.  Prayer is simply communicating with God, as we’ll see in these daily readings.   I love what the reading encourages us to do:  “For the next ten days, try to engage in simple prayer, sharing with God all the events in your life and your feelings about them–your hopes, desires, frustrations, and anger.”

So how about it?  Are you up for a challenge these next 10 days?  We’ll get lots of tips and ideas along the way, but for now, commit to simple prayer–sharing the events of the day with God.

Share your thoughts below on how that is working for you…