A Year with Jesus—Day 46-55—Learning from Scripture

A Year with Jesus—Day 46-55—Learning from Scripture

Hey everyone–

Thanks for your patience with this blog.  I’m been struggle with some sort of lung issue for over a month–3 different types of antibiotics, a steroid, and even a trip to a Mexican pharmacy (long story for another blog post).   The doctor finally said pneumonia, and I’m feeling a bit better each day.

These next few weeks cover the spiritual discipline of study.  The suggestion to read a longer passage of Scripture is a good one.  At a preschool staff meeting I suggested we consider Philippians, a book about joy Paul wrote while struggling in jail.

I’d also love to recommend a website and podcast:  www.dailyaudiobible.com    I’m on my third year of listening to the entire Bible read to me in a year, and it’s been my most consistent spiritual practice to date.   Every morning on my commute I’m able to hear a reading from the Hebrew Scriptures, the New Testament, a Psalm, and a couple of Proverbs.   It’s been a great blessing to just listen and let the Word of God start my day.   I know that more than a few people from Trinity have joined me in 2015.   Perhaps you’d love to consider jumping in as well?

Still in One Peace,
Pastor Matt