Today is another “spiritual practice” day, where the authors encourage us in a specific practice for the next 10 days.   Today we’re invited to ask God for our specific needs that we have, and to consider making a list of them over these next days.

I’ve had a cough that keeps hanging on after three weeks and two sets of antibiotics, so I’m starting my list with that this morning.   (Don’t worry Mom, I’m going back to the doctor on Tuesday…)  What things are on your list?

I’d encourage you to add Kevin to your list.   A young man with a wife and young son, he is in the hospital under hospice care with cancer having now spread to his brain.   We’ve been praying for a miracle for some time, and after today’s reading I’m going to keep praying for his healing.   Please pray for peace for his family as well.

Still in One Peace,
Pastor Matt