Today we read Paul’s words from Ephesians 6 about putting on the armor of God.  I find it fascinating that out of all the soldier items Paul lists, only one is an offensive weapon–the sword.   In military battles, an important tactic is keeping the ground you have already gained.

In Christ, we are victorious.   In Christ, we are unstoppable.   In Christ, we are all that God created us to be.   In Christ, we are awesome!!!!

In Christ, we can take our stand against the devil.   In Christ, we will be victorious.

In the weeks ahead we’ll be looking at two key things–prayer and God’s Word.   In battle you’d never go out without a communications system.   Prayer is how we talk to God.   Scripture is how God talks to us.   I’m looking forward to growing more and more in this two way communication in the weeks ahead with you!