The best way to discuss today’s writing is to simply quote the most powerful section.  We read:  “The important thing for us to understand is the way in which grace precedes law.  God first acts in grace and mercy by delivering the people, and then the people respond in gratitude and thanksgiving by obeying the commandments.  Put succinctly: the crossing of the Red Sea comes before the giving of the Ten Commandments.

“How does it change your understanding of the Ten Commandments and other Old Testament laws to view them as a grateful response to God?”

How cool is this!   We get the Good News about God–the Gospel–before we get the law and what we need to do.  Might we always keep this order in mind…God is good and gracious and loving, and we add nothing to His character by what we do or don’t do.

Thank You God for being God.   Help me to reflect Your character back to You…Amen!